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Excellent Water soluble Bovine Collagen Type II Can Relieve Joint Pain

Excellent Water soluble Bovine Collagen Type II Can Relieve Joint Pain

15.0 USD ($)/Kilograms

Product Details:


Excellent Water soluble Bovine Collagen Type II Can Relieve Joint Pain Price And Quantity

  • 100 Kilograms
  • 15.0 USD ($)/Kilograms

Excellent Water soluble Bovine Collagen Type II Can Relieve Joint Pain Trade Information

  • Shanghai, China
  • 100000 Kilograms Per Month
  • 2-3 Week
  • Asia Australia Central America North America South America Eastern Europe Western Europe Middle East Africa

Product Description


Our company is a manufacturer and supplier specializing in Bovine Collagen Type II production with more than ten years of experience in the industry. We determined according to the USP method that the water content of Bovine Collagen Type ii is less than 7%. Our Bovine Collagen Type II is white to pale yellow particles with a packing density of about 0.35g / ml. No odor, taste neutral. It is very easily soluble in water and can be rapidly dissolved in water. Our Bovine Collagen Type II can be widely used in healthcare products, allied health care, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and solid beverages.


What is Bovine Collagen Type II?

Bovine Collagen Type II is a specific collagen type found mainly in bovine cartilage tissue. Collagen is an important structural protein that plays a supporting and protective tissue role in the human body.

Bovine Collagen Type II has a special polypeptide chain structure, which contains rich amine acid composition, especially hydroxyproline and proline. This collagen is associated with the formation of junction tissues and is mainly involved in the maintenance of the elasticity and toughness of the articular cartilage, helping to maintain the healthy function of the joint.

specification of Bovine Collagen Type II:

Testing Item


Test Method




Smell and impurity

White to yellowish powder


Characteristic smell, faint amino acid

smell and free from foreign smell


No impurity and black dots by naked eyes directly


Moisture content





Kjeldahl method




Sulfur dioxide (So2)


China Food Industry Method

Residual hydrogen perxide


China Food Industry Method

pH(1% solution)





China Food Industry Method




Chromium (calculated of Cr)




0.5 PPM


Total Plate Count

1000 cfu/g





Yeast and Mould

50 cfu/g


Salmonelia Spp

Negative in 25gram



Conform to Chinese standards for bovine collagen type ii

(with reference testing method of USP)

What are characteristics of Bovine Collagen Type II?


  • Carlage tissue from cattle: Bovine Collagen Type II is mainly extracted from bovine cartilage, which is one of the highest collagen types in cattle.
  • Rich in specific amino acids: Bovine collagen Type II is rich in specific amino acids such as hydroxyproline and proline, which are essential to maintaining joint health and function.
  • Related to joint health: Bovine Collagen type II plays a role in the maintenance of elasticity and toughness of articular cartilage, which can support and nourish joint tissues and provide support for joint health.
  • Can be used in joint health care: Due to its joint support effect, Bovine Collagen Type II is often used in joint health care products and supplements, designed to improve joint health and relieve joint-related discomfort and pain.


What are functions of Bovine Collagen Type II?


  • Joint health support: Bovine Collagen Type II can provide the nutrients needed for the joint, promote the growth and repair of articular chondrocytes, support the normal function and flexibility of the joint, and help improve joint discomfort and reduce joint pain.
  • Immune regulation: Bovine Collagen Type II can interact with immune cells in the joint, helping to regulate the immune response and inhibit the attack on joint tissue in the autoimmune response, thus reducing inflammation and joint destruction.
  • Tissue repair and regeneration: Bovine Collagen Type II provides the amino acid and structural basis required for the construction and repair of articular cartilage, which helps to stimulate the repair and regeneration process of joint tissues and maintain the health of the joints.


What are applications of Bovine Collagen Type II?


  • Joint health care: Bovine Collagen Type II can be used as joint health care products or nutritional supplements to help maintain joint health, reduce joint discomfort and improve joint pain.
  • Arthritis treatment: Because Bovine Collagen Type II is anti-inflammatory and joint-protective, it is often used to help relieve arthritis symptoms, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Recovery of sports injury: Bovine Collagen Type II helps to stimulate and promote the repair of cartilage tissue, so it can also be used in the rehabilitation of sports injury (such as capsule tear, meniscus injury, etc.).
  • Beauty and skin care: Collagen is an important part of the skin. Bovine Collagen Type II supplies the collagen needed by the skin, and helps to improve skin elasticity, improve wrinkles and promote wound healing.


What is difference between Bovine Collagen Type II and common collagen?

Bovine collagen type II and common collagen are two different types of collagen that have some differences in structure and function:


  • Structural differences: Bovine collagen type II is a special type in the collagen family, which is mainly found in the articular cartilage tissue. Its molecular structure shows a helix, with longer chains, and more amino acid "hydroxyproline" sequence. While common collagen mainly exists in skin, bone, blood vessels and other tissues, its molecular structure is three-stranded spiral.
  • Functional differences: Bovine collagen type II plays an important role in the health of joints and cartilage. It can enhance the elasticity and stability of the articular cartilage, reduce friction, and relieve the arthritis symptoms. While common collagen is mainly used for anti-aging, moisturizing and repair of the skin.



What is your standard packing?

Our bovine type ii collagen powder is sealed into a PE bag, which will be then put into a fiber drum. One drum will contain 10KG collagen powder. One pallet contains totally 27 drums with 9 drums one layer, total 3 layers.

Collagen is suitable to be shipped both by air and by sea ?

Yes, both ways are suitable. We are able to arrange shipment both by air and by vessel. We have all the necessary transportation certified needed.

Could you send small sample for testing purposes?

Yes, We can provide up to 100 grams sample free of charge. But we would be grateful if you can provide your DHL account so that we can send the sample via your account.

How soon can i get a response after I send a inquiry on your website?

Sales Service support: Professional sales team with Fluent English and fast response to your inquires. We promise you will sure get a response from us within 24 hours since you send the inquire.

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