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Beyond Biopharma is a US FDA-registered and ISO 9001-certified gelatin and collagen powder company. Fish Collagen Granule/Powder, Fish Collagen Tripeptides, Bovine Collagen Granule/Powder, and Chicken Collagen Type ii are the most common products we make. Collagen powder is commonly used in dietary supplements, nutritional foods, solid drinks powder, and beverage products. We also manufacture and supply food-grade gelatin for the dairy, confectionery, and meat industries.

Made in China, Shipped Around the World

The collagen powder that we make is odourless, has a nice white hue, and dissolves quickly in water. Solid Drinks Powder and Liquid Collagen beverages, drinks, capsules, and tablets are all viable options. Worldwide customers had praised our gelatin and collagen products. They have expressed their satisfaction with our products.
About Us

Beyond Biopharma Co., Ltd.

Quality-marked products Fish Collagen Powder, Bovine Collagen Powder, etc., are served here!

Beyond Biopharma Co.,Ltd. is an ISO 22000 verified and US FDA registered manufacturer of Collagen and Gelatin Series Products.  We had been producing Bovine Collagen, Fish Collagen, Chicken Collagen Type II and Gelatin Products since 2009 and we supplied Collagen and Gelatin Series Products to customers worldwide. Beyond biopharma is equipped with an advanced production line with dedicated production lines for different origins of collagen and gelatin. We also have a laboratory established and equipped according to gmp standards. We have an r&d team providing technical support to the production and quality team. We also have a professional sales team which responds to your inquiry quickly.

Beyond biopharma has a history of 14 years in the collagen and gelatin industry. We are very experienced in the collagen and gelatin industry. Our collagen series products are of premium high quality which can meet our customer's high requirements. Our collagen is odourless with snow white good looking white colour. It has a good neutral taste and can be flavoured into any flavour you want. It can also dissolve into water very quickly and is suitable for different forms of finished products such as solid drinks powder, tablets, and capsules.

We, beyond biopharma has a good reputation with a stable supply of collagen and gelatin to more than 50 countries worldwide. We welcome partners and customers all over the world to visit us and discuss business.
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