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Pharmaceutical Grade Glucosamine 2KCL Can Repair Articular Cartilage

Pharmaceutical Grade Glucosamine 2KCL Can Repair Articular Cartilage

7.0 USD ($)/Kilograms

Product Details:

  • Taste Other
  • Appearance Powder
  • Solubility Tests Soluble Into Water
  • Physical Form Powder
  • Color White to slight yellow
  • Purity 98%
  • Storage Room Temperature
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Price And Quantity

  • 7.0 USD ($)/Kilograms
  • 100 Kilograms

Product Specifications

  • 98%
  • Powder
  • Soluble Into Water
  • Room Temperature
  • White to slight yellow
  • Other
  • Powder

Trade Information

  • Shanghai, China
  • 100000 Kilograms Per Month
  • 2-3 Week

Product Description


Glucosamine is a natural chemical that exists in human tissues. It is a combination of glucose (Glucose) and glutamate (Glutamine) through a chemical reaction. In humans, glucosamine is widely found in cartilage, joint fluid, and other connective tissues. Glucosamine is one of the key components necessary for the construction of cartilage tissue and plays an important role in maintaining joint health and function. It may also be applied to the new product you are developing. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.


What is Glucosamine ?

Glucosamine (Glucosamine) is a natural chemical that exists in human tissues. It is a combination of glucose (Glucose) and glutamate (Glutamine) through chemical reactions. In humans, glucosamine is widely found in cartilage, joint fluid, and other connective tissues. It is the main nutritional component of the articular cartilage. Taking glucosamine can form polyglucosamine in the cartilage tissue, helping to increase the cartilage development of the joint cavity, as well as to increase the lubrication of the joint cavity.

Quick details of Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCL:

 Material name

 Glucosamine sulfate 2KCL

 Origin of material

 Shells of shrimp or crab

 Color and Apperance

 White to slight yellow powder

 Quality Standard


 Purity of the material


 Moisture content

 1% (105for 4 hours)

 Bulk density

 0.7g/ml as bulk density


 Perfect solubility into water

 Qualification Documentation



 Joint care supplements

 Shelf Life

 2 years from production date


 Inner packing: Sealed PE bags

 Outer packing: 25kg/Fiber drum, 27drums/pallet

Specification of Glucosamine 





White to off-white powder








A.Infrared Absorption (197K)

B: It meets the requirements of the tests for chloride and potassium. (191)

C: The retention time of the major peak in the chromatogram of the Assay preparation corresponds to that in the chromatogram of the Standard preparation, as obtained in the Assay.

D:In the test for Content of sulfate, after the addition of barium chloride TS a white precipitate is formed.







98%-102% (On dry basis)


Specific Rotation

47- 53


PH (2%,25)



Loss on drying

Less than1.0% 


Residue on Ignition

26.5%-31%(dry base)


Organic Volatile Impurities

Meet requirements






A solution (1 in 10), tested on a platinum wire, does not impart a pronounced yellow color to a nonluminous flame.


Bulk Desity


 In-house Method

Heavy Metal


 (Method I USP231)













Total Bacteria Count



Yeast & Mold



What are the features of Glucosamine 2KCL Granular?


  • Joint health care: ammonia sugar is often used as a joint health supplement, showing a potential positive role in relieving arthralgia and improving joint function.
  • Cartilage support: ammonia sugar is an important part of cartilage, which can promote the growth and repair of chondrocytes, and plays an important role in maintaining the health and elasticity of joints.
  • Pan-anti-inflammatory: Some studies have shown that ammonia sugars may have mild anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation caused by arthritis.
  • High absorption rate: ammonia sugar has a high oral absorption rate and is generally considered relatively safe with fewer side effects.


What are the functions of Glucosamine 2KCL Granular?


  • Maintenance of cartilage structure: Cartilage is an important part of the joint, which can absorb and disperse the impact force of the joint movement. Glucosamine is one of the major components of cartilage, which helps to maintain the structural integrity of articular cartilage by providing the required nutrients that promote the growth and repair of chondrocytes.
  • Promote joint lubrication: joint fluid to provide lubrication and reduce friction. Glucosamine can stimulate the production of joint synovial fluid, increase the viscosity and lubrication of synovial fluid, thus reducing the friction between joints, improve the joint flexibility and movement comfort.
  • Reducing joint pain and inflammation: Arthritis is a common joint disease that causes joint pain and inflammation. Glucosamine, as an adjuvant treatment, can reduce joint pain and inflammation, improve joint function and improve the quality of life of patients.
  • Repair of joint injuries: Joint injuries include fractures, meniscal tears, etc. Glucosamine is believed to help promote the repair and recovery of the joint tissue, reduce the complications after the joint injury, and accelerate the rehabilitation process.


What are the applications of Glucosamine 2KCL Powder?


  • Joint health care: Glucosamine can be used as a component of joint health care products, used to improve joint function, reduce arthritis symptoms, and promote the repair of chondrocytes.
  • Joint disease treatment: Glucosamine is widely used to treat joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It can relieve pain, improve the joint range of motion, and help reduce the progression of joint involution.
  • Tissue repair: Glucosamine can promote the repair and regeneration of soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments, tendons and other tissues. It plays an important role in the recovery processes after trauma, surgery, or chronic injury.
  • Skin care: Glucosamine is commonly found in skin care products and is used to provide skin moisturizing, repairing and anti-aging effects. It can increase skin moisture content, balance skin oil, and improve skin texture and elasticity.
  • Medical cosmetology: Glucosamine is widely used in the field of medical cosmetology, such as filler injection, skin regeneration treatment, etc. It improves facial lines, increases skin year mild, and helps promote tissue repair and regeneration.


What symptoms can glucosamine be used for?


  • Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint diseases. glucosamine can be used in patients with osteoarthritis to help relieve pain, reduce the symptoms of arthritis, and improve joint function.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis is an immune-mediated chronic arthritis, and glucosamine can be used to reduce the degree of pain and arthritis, and improve the quality of life of patients.
  • Joint injury and sports injury: including joint sprain, strain injury, soft tissue injury, etc., glucosamine can promote soft tissue repair and regeneration, and help to restore the function of the damaged site.
  • Musculoskeletal health care of athletes or sports enthusiasts: For people who often engage in high-intensity exercise and repetitive exercise, glucosamine can be used as an auxiliary supplement to help maintain the health and function of joints.



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