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Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Makes Your Skin Keep Elasticity

Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Makes Your Skin Keep Elasticity

35 USD ($)/Kilograms

Product Details:

  • Taste Odorless
  • Solubility Tests Soluble Into Water
  • Type Nutrition Enhancers
  • Color White to Slight Yellow
  • Purity 95%
  • Storage Room Temperature
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Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Makes Your Skin Keep Elasticity Price And Quantity

  • 25 Kilograms
  • 35 USD ($)/Kilograms

Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Makes Your Skin Keep Elasticity Product Specifications

  • White to Slight Yellow
  • Odorless
  • Room Temperature
  • Soluble Into Water
  • Nutrition Enhancers
  • 95%

Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Makes Your Skin Keep Elasticity Trade Information

  • Shanghai, China
  • 50000 Kilograms Per Month
  • 15 Days
  • Asia Africa Australia Western Europe South America North America Central America Middle East Eastern Europe

Product Description

We know that collagen is an important structural protein that is widely present in the human body. In the human body, collagen is mainly found in skin, bone, muscle, tendon, articular cartilage and other tissues. Fish collagen tripeptides are the breakdown products of collagen extracted from fish skin, which are obtained from collagen by enzymatic hydrolysis or special treatment. The collagen chain in the fish collagen tripeptide is broken down into smaller poly-peptide chains, which are mainly composed of peptides containing 3 amino acids. Because the molecule of fish collagen tripeptide is small, it is very easy to be absorbed and used by the human body, especially for our human skin. The high absorption rate of fish collagen tripeptide can help enhance the elasticity of our skin and make people feel young and beautiful.

Features of Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide?

As a common raw material for skin care products and dietary supplements, fish collagen tripeptide has the following features to help you better understand different products: 
  • Anti-oxidation and moisturizing effect: Fish collagen tripeptide has good anti-oxidation ability, can help reduce the damage of free radicals to the skin and body, and has moisturizing effect, improve skin elasticity. 
  • A wide range of protein sources: fish collagen tripeptides are mainly extracted from fish products, which is also a protein supplement choice for vegetarians. 
  • High absorption and utilization: the tripeptide molecules of fish collagen are smaller and easier to be absorbed and utilized by the human body compared with other forms of collagen. 
  • Improve joint health: Fish collagen tripeptides have a protective effect on joints, which can help reduce joint pain and improve joint function.

Quick Details: 

Product Name

Fish Collagen Tripeptide Granular


Fish scale and skin


White powder or Granular

CAS Number


Production process

enzymatic hydrolysis

Protein Content

90% by Kjeldahl method

Tripeptides Content

around 10%

Loss on Drying


Molecular weight

Around 500 Dalton


Instant solubility into water

Molecular weight

Low Molecular Weight


High Bioavailability, quick and easy absorption by human body


Solid Drinks Powder for Anti-aging, Skin Whiten, Heart Health 

Halal Certificate

Yes, Halal Verified

 Health Certificate

Yes, Health certificate is available for custom clearance purpose

Shelf Life

24 months from production date


20KG/BAG,  8MT/ 20 Container, 16MT / 40 Container

Specification of Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide:

Testing Item


Appearance, Smell and impurity

White to off-white powder or granule form



CAS Number

No impurity and black dots by naked eyes directly

Moisture content




Tripeptides Content




pH(10% solution, 35 Degree C)


Molecular weight

500 Dalton

Lead (Pb)

0.5 mg/kg

Cadmium (Cd)

0.1 mg/kg

Arsenic (As)

0.5 mg/kg

Mercury (Hg)

0.50 mg/kg

Total Plate Count

1000 cfu/g

Yeast and Mould

100 cfu/g

E. Coli

Negative in 25 gram

Salmonelia Spp

Negative in 25 gram

Tapped Density

Report as it is

Particle Size

20-60 MESH

 The effects of fish collagen tripeptide on skin?

  • Improve skin elasticity: fish collagen tripeptide can promote the synthesis of collagen in the skin, increase the matrix density of skin tissue, thereby improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles and sagging. 
  •  Keep skin moisture: Fish collagen tripeptide has good moisturizing ability, can absorb and lock the water on the skin surface, improve the skin moisture, avoid dry and rough skin. 
  • Antioxidant effect: fish collagen tripeptide has strong antioxidant ability, which can neutralize the damage of free radicals, reduce the damage caused by environmental factors to the skin, and delay the skin aging process. 
  • Repair of damaged skin: Fish collagen tripeptide can promote the regeneration and repair of skin cells, and accelerate the recovery process of damaged skin. It helps to fade scars, reduce discolouring and improve skin texture. 

Common forms of fish collagen tripeptides? 

According to the different needs of our daily, the finished form of fish collagen tripeptides is also different, the following are some common forms: 

  • Fish collagen tripeptide oral solution: Supplied in liquid form for easy ingestion and absorption. 
  • Fish collagen tripeptide tablet/capsule: The fish collagen tripeptide is made into tablet or capsule form, which is convenient to carry and use. 
  • Fish collagen tripeptide powder: It is supplied in powder form and can be consumed by dissolving in water or other beverages. 
  • Fish collagen tripeptide mask: in the form of a mask applied to the skin surface, through contact with the skin, promote the absorption and nourishment of collagen.
  • Fish collagen tripeptide soft candy: produced in the form of soft candy, it is also beneficial to carry around, can be used as a small snack, very practical. 
  • Solid drinks: Fish collagen tripeptide solid drinks are also a very common form, and there are many products with a variety of flavors, economical and convenient to carry.

Optimal duration of fish collagen tripeptides ?

There is no fixed standard answer for the optimal duration of fish collagen tripeptides, as it often depends on the needs and habits of the individual. In general, you can consider the best time of use based on the following points

  • Fasting or before meals: Some people believe that taking fish collagen tripeptides in the fasting state or before meals can improve absorption. 
  • Before bed at night: When going to bed at night, the body is in the stage of repair and regeneration, and some people choose to take fish collagen tripeptides before bed to support skin and joint health. 
  • Post-exercise: Fish collagen tripeptides are rich in proteins that can support muscle recovery and repair, so some people choose to take them after exercise to promote muscle recovery.
How long does the fish collagen tripeptide have an effect?
  • Each persons physical condition and absorption capacity are different, and the effect of the use of fish collagen tripeptides will vary from person to person. 
  • In general, a period of time is required to see a significant effect when using fish collagen tripeptides. It is usually recommended to take fish collagen tripeptides continuously for at least 1 month to give the body enough time to absorb and utilize the nutrients in them. 
  • However, the time required may vary for different people. In addition, continuous administration of fish collagen tripeptides is key, as the effects usually accumulate gradually. Long-term adherence to use can help improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, promote joint health and other effects. 
  • However, it should be noted that fish collagen tripeptide is not a panacea, and its effect is also affected by other factors, such as personal living habits, diet quality, age, etc. Therefore, in addition to the use of fish collagen tripeptides, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet


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